Are you part of a large church? Small church? Somewhere in-between?

If your church is attracting a lot of new members and is growing at a pretty steady rate, it will be necessary to think of new ways to stay connected. Of course, keeping your current members is a must.

Creating new classes and programs is one way to reach out, since the old way of greeting everyone by name is probably a fading option.

Isn’t it a totally different story, though, than when your church was smaller?

Smaller churches still have their advantages of knowing most of their members. People feel more welcomed and closer to the church when this opportunity is available (if you aren’t one who’s good with names, I take back my previous statement).

Besides the size of your church, there are other factors to consider. For instance, age depends heavily on how people respond to you. Texting a lady in her early seventies might not be as effective as texting a teenager about an upcoming event.

Is there one way of connecting with people that works better than another?

How do you connect with your ministry?