One difficult thing about being a Christian is finding the line between being too honest and holding back too much. We want to be sincere, but we don’t want others to see us at our worst, either. When people from church hold back too much, does it make you feel like you are all alone with your sins? Here’s where I’m going with this…

I am in a small group that meets once a month on Sunday nights. The great thing about the group is that we have all become good friends and we spend our get-togethers delving into all kinds of Biblical and personal issues, but somehow it still feels like people don’t always want to open up and admit their struggles.

There is, of course, the alternate to this. Some Christians are so outspoken about their beliefs that they give Christianity a bad reputation.

As Christians, we need to make sure that our daily influence on the world is positive, but we also need to let others know that we are normal people full of sin, flaws and problems. Some people are really good at hiding who they really are, and maybe it’s that fear of looking like a “struggling Christian”.

Do you think always portraying ourselves as happy and well put together is helpful or hurtful to others?