Lifeway Resources CEO, Thom S. Rainer, has just released a new book (available exclusively through Lifeway until the end of 2018).

It is a report on hope. It is a report from the trenches of spiritual warfare. It is a report of churches that are really revitalizing. Against all human odds. Defying all conventional wisdom. Demonstrating that God is not done with them. This book takes real stories and real research of real churches that are in a new mode of revitalization. We experience their stories. More powerfully, we share God’s stories and the hope God gives.

The Scrappy Factor
We call them “scrappy churches.” They have leaders and members who are tenacious, who refuse to give up, who have long-term perspectives, who are willing to take two steps backward and three steps forward.

These churches are turning around. They are revitalizing. They are changing their communities. For the first time in years, maybe decades, these churches have hope.

You will see the beginning of a movement of profound church revitalization in so many congregations. It’s still in the early stages. It’s still tough. But it’s very real. And if the pattern continues, we could see as many as 100,000 churches move from decline to growth, ineffectiveness to effectiveness, divisiveness to unity, and hopelessness to hope.

It is indeed a scrappy church revolution.

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Source: Lifeway Resources


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