Let’s be real for a minute. If someone asked, “Why do you go to church?” what would your answer be?

You might say it’s because you are a Christian and you want a closer relationship to Christ or it’s where you can learn more and be fulfilled.

That’s all great, and probably true, but the reality is, it might also be because you work there. It might be because you have committed a sin that you are so ashamed of that you feel like going is the only way that God will actually forgive you. It might even be because if you don’t, you’ll be worried people will start talking. Judging.

One of the most obvious but (gasp) never admitted is that it is a social hour for you. I’ll admit it. Part of the reason that I’m motivated to go on Sunday mornings is because we are part of a small Sunday School class where we are pretty close to everyone. If we missed a couple of Sundays in a row, people would notice. Right? (This is why a lot of people worry about being judged if they don’t go.)

That should never be a reason, but on the plus side, I am always glad we went once we get there.

My point to all of this is that a lot of us make church more about us than God. Sometimes we go to ease our minds, to find reassurance, and even acceptance.

Do you think it’s a problem with the church or the people if they are motivated by things other than a relationship with God? If so, how can that be changed?