We don’t have logic? No. Well, yes… but a limited amount.

That concept is hard for us to grasp since we are the most intelligent beings on Earth… but we can’t explain everything logically. That’s why we question so much about life, whether we are believers or nonbelievers. So, why is the concept that God is more logical than us so hard for nonbelievers to grasp?

Logically speaking (of course), it’s because nonbelievers see bad things happen and they can’t understand how such a merciful, loving God could allow that.

“Truth” and science are the focus of atheism (as if truth and science mean nothing to the believers). It’s difficult to explain to nonbelievers some of the events that we experience, because we can’t always explain them to ourselves.

That all leads me to the point of today’s post. I’ve got to give props to the blog, “Rambling With the Barba“, because yesterday’s post  had one of the best lines I’ve heard in a long time regarding God’s logic. The Barba, as he calls himself, said, “If God bound Himself to the concept of appearing logical to us humans in every situation, He would not be God. He would be a human; no more than a manager.”

He then quoted Corinthians 1:27, which says, “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty”.

Rambling with the Barba is a blog I just discovered the other day, so if you haven’t seen it before, you should definitely check it out.

Do you ever struggle with what the  Bible says vs. what society says?