Think back to your church’s most recent event. Do you have positive memories? Did the “ins” and “outs” run as smoothly as you had hoped?


I am excited about an upcoming event that is being hosted by a local church in my city. We have a lot of great churches here in this town. Many of these churches take turns hosting events that benefit the city. This really gives a sense that we are all in this together as believers; working for one purpose. All that to say, I love attending events at other churches. I have seen events go smoothly and not so smoothly.


My friend told me about a speaker who is coming to a local church here in Memphis this month. I am very excited about the opportunity to attend this event and glean from this speaker’s wealth of knowledge and life experience. What made it even better is how simple it was to register for this event. I just got on the church’s website and purchased my ticket. So simple. I paid for my ticket, made reservation for childcare and viewed the event schedule. I did all of this in about 3 minutes. It was a breeze!! I was finished so quickly that I kept looking around the webpage to make sure I didn’t skip a step. I guess I was a bit surprised, because in my experience, event registration is not usually that simple.


This experience made me think, hum, this church is utilizing their software very well. I realized first-hand the benefits that come from a product like Shelby v.5 e-Solutions. This product allows you to give online in order to pay for events, make donations and more.


It was kind of funny to me. I was sitting there thinking about church software. Which is natural for me because it is my job. Then I thought, the best software is the software that your visitors don’t have to think about. It works so smoothly that they can focus on the event/topic and not the logistics. If you want to learn more about Shelby’s e-Solutions module to help simplify for your events, check it out.