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Eight Items in Patch 9.4.2:

Accounts Payable Items:

  1. AP Check numbers are now being populated in the payment entry screen when importing the Shelby Teller file and when scanning checks using a Canon scanner. Also, the reported error no longer appears when clicking ‘Apply’ between payments.
  2. Corrected issue in Payment Processing where unpaid invoices were not being displayed when entering payments.
  3. The aging Summary report now takes into account voided payments when using the ‘Unpaid as of’ option.

Remittance Items:

  1. The Received To Date, Current Due, and Total Balance fields are now calculating properly when entering a remittance.
  2. Remittance Statements with multiple pages now calculate the grand total correctly.
  3. Fixed the grid of unposted remittances so that when double-clicking on a remittance entry, it opens up the remittance for editing, versus acting as if the user is creating a new remittance batch.
  4. Distributions are now retained on remittances that lack an associated pledge.
  5. Remittance Statements now group Activity information by Total Level.