The oldest members of Gen Z are just entering college and the work force. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about “the first generation that’s never known a world without smartphones and social media.” Who is Gen Z and what are the generation’s implications for the church?

What the church needs to know about Gen Z:

  • Instagram is generally the social media network of choice for Gen Z.
  • Gen Z gets its news from social media, not from traditional media.
  • The next generation of people are on social networks. If churches want to reach them well, they must be on social networks as well.
  • Even with an increased digital presence, younger generations still need in-person community.

Five Gen Z Traits that will impact the Church:

  1. Gen Z does not distinguish between digital and IRL (in real life).
  2. Facebook is out; Instagram is in.
  3. Gen Z gets its news from social media.
  4. Gen Z’s appetite for reading is surprising.
  5. This generation worries about tech addiction.


Source: Lifeway Resources


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