Do you remember turning on your first laptop and being memorized by the beautiful wallpaper screen that popped up? The colors were so crisp and bright, unlike anything you’d seen up to that point. I’ve had two laptops so far in my life. I specifically remember the first time I turned them on and wallpaper images that greeted me.

 Windows XP operating system has a default wallpaper called “Bliss”. Green rolling hills meet a brilliantly blue sky; are you familiar with the image? It has been called the most viewed image in the world. And rightfully so, it has been viewed by over 1 billion people since it was chosen in 2001. Microsoft recently posted a YouTube video that explains the origin of the image by interviewing the creator Charles O’Rear. This video serves as a farewell to Windows XP (and “Bliss”) since Microsoft is no longer supporting the operating system as of April 8th, 2014. They may have moved on but since this image has been etched into our brains it will not be easily forgotten.  Photo Credit: oddsock via Compfight cc