We’ve all seen them. Some of us have probably even had one or two.

The Facebook picture that looks nothing like your true self.

I was inspired to write this after seeing a post on Mashable about Bergdorf Goodman and Lucky Magazine holding a casting call for models via Facebook. I first thought about how much pressure that would be to decide on which picture of yourself you would want to turn in, since you would want your make-up, the lighting and the pose to be just right. Then I thought… there’s a need to look somewhat like your real self, since you run the “risk” of winning and revealing what you look like without all of the camera tricks.

I then thought, “People’s glamorous Facebook pictures are a lot like people who attend church every Sunday but lead very secular lives during the week.”

“How?” you might ask. Well, we all want to make the right impression and we all want to be perceived in the best light (light in this sense being one’s reputation or personality). Just like the Facebook picture that only changes how you are viewed online, church only changes the way people think of you at church. Changing your heart and growing as a Christian make you the person you truly are designed to become.

Do you think we spend more time pretending to be good, nice Christians than we do actually working to be more like Christ?