Are you trying to start a blog of your own? Do you already have one?

How sick are you of reading about every blogger’s “10 Rules for Writing A Good Blog Post”? I think if I see another one, I’ll face plant into the growing stack of papers on my desk (trying to avoid my coffee on the way down).

Here’s the thing, there isn’t one solid set of guidelines for every writer. The Pioneer Woman hasn’t been named one of the best bloggers because she spends her time writing 10 step rules. Something that stuck with me from her blog is that she writes as if she’s talking to her sister. She also uses a lot of pictures. She makes you feel like you know her and you can relate to her and that is what is so intriguing about her posts.

My take: The “rules” are thoughtfully put together and can be very beneficial, but once you’ve heard them, you’ve heard them enough. People usually do want the facts, but those alone won’t keep them there… especially if you are writing for a church. People want to know your heart and what is going on in your church’s community. They want to grow their relationship with you and to the church.

Your readers want to learn from you, yes, but they want it to feel like you are speaking to them.

I’m definitely no pro, but maybe we can learn together.

Have a great day!