Millennial Giving

Today, Millennials are the demographic on the top of most organizations’ priority list. It’s no surprise that the church is trying to reach the fastest-growing generation in the workforce and marketplace, and officially, the nation’s largest living generation. The Millennial generation, which comprises those born between 1981 and 1997, grew up more digital, open-minded and information-hungry than any previous generation. They are more connected than ever before — except to faith.

These three principles will refocus and realign your efforts to engage the Millennial giver:

  1. Cause – Millennials believe that the world needs changing and that they are the generation to make it happen. They passionately get behind causes the church supports — serving the homeless, feeding the hungry, ending sex trafficking and supporting under-served children around the world. Connect their generosity to the greatest cause of all, the spread of the gospel, and outline how the local church uses financial resources to make that happen.
  2. Convenience – The digital lifestyle is increasingly normal for everyone, but it is ALL this generation has ever known. Apps, online giving portals and text-to-give options might seem radical to a traditional church. But when checks became the norm instead of cash, people were leery until they became status quo. Then, we began using little plastic cards to pay for items. Now, the center has shifted again; the majority is marching to a digital drummer.
  3. Conviction – To develop a generous culture, churches must disciple young believers to know the generous ways and commands of Jesus. Do your messages communicate that giving is an act of worship, a way to be used by God in the lives of others and demonstration of a grateful heart?

The primary goal of developing a generous spirit among Millennials in your church is developing their spiritual maturity. The secondary goal is to financially resource your church mission. If we treat Millennial’s hearts like a caring shepherd (the first goal), engaging them in funding the mission actually comes more easily (the second goal).

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