woodlawnShelby Systems recently had the opportunity to interview former Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin (portrayed by Sean Astin in the film) about the much anticipated motion picture WOODLAWN. Here’s a quote from Hank during the conversation: “On October 15 we are going to have an unpublicized soft opening. We are using that as an opportunity for churches to take their football teams to see the film (across the country) to preceed their game on Friday night. The goal is to get 1 million athletes to the movies on that Thursday night. You can visit: woodlawnmovie.com for more information. It will be a fun, exciting and spirit-filled movie for all the family members. So get your popcorn ready, get your school bus to the theater, bring your team mates and enjoy a wonderful movie – WOODLAWN!”


Click the picture (above) to watch the brief interview with Hank Erwin.