Easter Sunday

Here are eight simple tips your church can use to prepare for Easter in an effort to get more people to your worship service so that they may hear the message of the gospel clearly communicated through the resurrection story.

  • Easter is the best time of the year to reach those who seldom attend church.
  • Easter is a time to enlist extra volunteers for several different areas of service in the church.
  • Easter can often be used as a launching point for a new service, site, or venue.
  • Easter is a prime time to connect people to a small group or enroll them in a membership class.
  • Welcome cards are your only opportunity to know exactly who was new to your church.
  • Remember to update your church’s website with any changes to times or schedules you may make for Easter.
  • Consider a quick audit of your church’s website before Easter to ensure all information is accurate and updated.
  • Easter is the perfect opportunity for your church to try something new to reach the dechurched in your community.

According to a survey by Thom Rainer, 96 percent of those who don’t attend church would agree to go to a service if invited.

Source: Lifeway Resources


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