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This year you have multiple options from within Financials to file the necessary year-end tax forms.

Financials now supports the following methods to review and submit year-end tax forms from Accounts Payable and Payroll.

  • Edit List – a quick view making sure your records are correct
  • Use E-Fie Service – a fully automated way to have a third-party print, distribute, and file your reports.
  • Print FORM 1099 and FORM W-2 – an easy way to print your own forms to be distributed and filed.
  • Create File for Electronic Submission – If you choose to print your own forms, then you can use this tool to file with the IRS.

If you choose to print your own forms, then it is time to order those forms. Just Click Here to go online and order the forms you need.

IMPORTANT: If you use Payroll, then you will need to order the ACA reports for distribution and submission.

Don’t wait until the last minute!