To many people’s surprise, there are a number of well-known companies that base themselves on Christian beliefs and standards.

According to CNN’s Belief Blog post, “10 Religious Companies (Besides Chick-fil-A)”, some of the most successful companies in the world are included in this Christian category. Some that might be surprising to you are: Whole Foods, Tyson Foods, Inc., Forever 21, and Walmart (to name a few). Hobby Lobby was included on this list, but if you’ve ever stepped foot in a Hobby Lobby, it would not surprise you that they embrace these same beliefs.

What else that is not-so-surprising is that atheists seem to be the group that would most likely oppose companies like these, due to the fact that they have that religious foundation.

The Barna Group has an article out now called “Do Americans Support Christian Businesses and Brands?” , where they did a study on 1,022 people from around the country and found out that 27% of people (with the highest numbers coming from elders in the South) are a lot more likely to buy from a company that manages its business according to Christian principles.

Although 1% did say that they would be “a lot less likely” and 2% said they would be “a little less likely” to buy from one of these companies, the majority of people (51%) said it would make “no difference” to them.

Do you think Christian foundations in large companies ensure better work ethics?

What are your opinions?