Recently, we caught up with Mark King, Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services at the Western NC Conference of the United Methodist Church. It’s one of two conferences with over 1,100 churches, and Mark and his staff of six use Shelby day-in and day-out. Since switching to ShelbyHQ in 2017, we wanted to learn how his experience has been. 

Here’s what he had to say. 

Before ShelbyHQ

Before using ShelbyHQ, the conference used Microsoft Dynamics. Over the years, the IT department wrote a lot of their own code to build accounts, and it was concerning for a couple reasons. If a staff change-up occurred within the department, all could be lost. Or, it would be complicated and time-consuming for someone new to learn how the system worked because they hadn’t been part of writing the original code.

I had two choices,” Mark told us. “I could revamp it or start from scratch. And I decided to start from scratch. I had used Shelby in a local church setting, and I really liked it. Of course, we still looked around, but Shelby offered the best product.”

Mark said he appreciated that ShelbyHQ was one package and one solution. While their previous system worked okay, it just didn’t combine the tools the way ShelbyHQ seamlessly integrated everything.

The ShelbyHQ Difference 

With the new system in place, Mark and his team started noticing the difference. Where it used to take him 2-3 hours to complete investment postings, after the switch he could knock those out in an hour or less. They also saved on IT support and greatly improved efficiency and effectiveness in a range of other areas. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Download the case study to see the BIG WINS that the Western NC Conference of the United Methodist Church experienced once they made the switch.

See detailed results by grabbing your free case study. In the case study, we look at the steps Mark and his team took to successfully switch to ShelbyHQ.

“We just really like the product. It helps make our job easier.” – Mark King

Learn more about the steps Mark, and his team at the Western NC Conference of the UMC, took to switch to ShelbyHQ and increase efficiency by 50%. 

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