Today we are covering Part 2 of our “Did You Know?” series where we let you in on a few things that you might not know about Shelby Systems. In case you missed it, here is Part 1.

Many of our staff members are ordained ministers and former church staff members

Shelby Systems was founded by a minister named Ernie Hamilton, whose vision was to  provide churches and nonprofit organizations with software that would help organize and grow their ministries. To this day, that vision hasn’t changed and we have kept it our number one priority to focus on the needs of faith-based organizations. Many of our employees are even ordained ministers or former church staff members.

Did you know that we serve church and nonprofit organizations all over the world?

There are over 24,000 users who are currently supported by Shelby Systems in the United States, but did you know that we provide software to ministries in over 40 countries?

We are hosting our 22nd Annual International Shelby Conference this year (in Dallas)

The International Shelby Conference (ISC) is a three day conference that is all about connecting, skill-building, and having fun. During ISC, we have performers, speakers, and a large selection of breakout sessions covering a wide range of specific topics. ISC started out as NUGM (National User Group Meeting) and was held in Memphis for 12 straight years before we took the show on the road to Nashville, TN in 2003. In 2007, the name was changed to the International Shelby Conference and in 2012, ISC was held again in Memphis with a total attendance of nearly 600 pastors, youth ministers, church office staff, and Shelby staff members.

Shelby Systems has attained the designation of being a NACBA National Registered Continuing Education Provider (NRCEP)

Shelby Systems is also the first church management software company to qualify its annual conference (ISC) with the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) as part of the NRCEP Program (National Registered Continuing Education Provider), meaning Shelby Systems workshops, webinars, and conferences will qualify for attendees to obtain NACBA CEU credits.  The NACBA provides professional certification as a Fellow in Church Business Administration (FCBA).  As an NRCEP qualified provider, Shelby educational and training offerings will greatly aid its customers who are seeking FCBA certification.

In addition to this, NACBA also awarded our founder, Ernie Hamilton, the Significant Contributors Award in 1999. Shelby was also recognized as a significant contributor to NACBA and Ernie was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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