My nighttime routine can be pretty lengthy and it consists of a lot of things that I feel like I need to get done before bed. For instance, I make my lunch, wash my face, brush my teeth, floss (OK, so maybe not every night on this one), take out my contacts, change clothes, charge my phone, and set my alarm. If there’s laundry to be done or the dogs need to be fed, that gets thrown in, too.

Why do you care? Well, you don’t… but my point is, I rarely add in some quiet time to read my Bible. Some nights, I even fall asleep before praying. I know… I know.

As I think about it, I can’t believe how strict I am about getting each part of my nightly routine done, but how careless I can be about my time with God. I wouldn’t dream of going to bed without brushing my teeth, but reading part of my Bible? Ten minutes of quiet time to pray? That depends on how I’m feeling that night.

So why is my spiritual health not as much of a priority? Teeth last about 100 years. My soul… that’s eternal (I think I just pulled a Jesus Juke).

Seriously though, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily routines and we often neglect the one area of our lives that’s most important. Working in a church doesn’t necessarily make you a more devout Christian, either. Perhaps we tell ourselves that we can just make it up during the church service on Sunday.

Food for thought.

How do you make quiet time a priority for God?