Nothing is more appalling than witnessing someone take advantage of a person who is unable to protect their own well-being. We often see scenes like this played out in movies. Many of us would agree that seeing such scenes on the big screen can give us an uneasy feeling. However, when you see an act of injustice occur in your neighborhood, right before your eyes, it resonates much deeper. It is as if the offense was done directly to you.


Joey Prusak is a 19 year old boy from Minnesota. Joey has worked at Dairy Queen since he was 14 years old. This past September Joey witnessed an act of injustice that he could not overlook. He could not fast forward to the next scene because the act occurred right in front of his counter.


Joey witnessed a women steal a $20 bill that had fallen to the ground. It fell out of a visually impaired customer’s pocket. Joey saw the money fall to the ground but the women insisted that it belonged to her. Then came the “enter hero” movie moment. Joey gave her an ultimatum, return the money or leave. After some argument the women left. She did not return the money. Joey then proceeded to give the visually impaired customer $20 of his own money.


This was a beautiful act of kindness. It gives a huge sense of relief when the act of injustice is repaired. Joey considered this customer better than himself. He put this customer’s needs above his own. This is a story worth sharing.


An eye witness wrote a  letter to Joey’s boss telling of the situation. The story has become so popular it was covered by Today News and many others. Relevant Magazine reported that after so much exposure the story eventually reached the ears of Dairy Queen owner Warren Buffet. Buffet made a point recently to call Joey so he could thank him for his actions. He also invited him to the company’s shareholder’s event.  

Do you think the majority of people would have acted in the same manner as Joey or stood silent? Leave your comments below

Photo Credit: Ian Muttoo via Compfight cc