Today I was inspired by a post on, where blog author (you guessed it), Tony Morgan, gives input from his own experiences on why many churches are declining. If you are part of a church like this, I recommend checking out his blog to learn more about possible ways to “get unstuck”. Morgan is a consultant, leadership coach and writer who helps churches have a bigger impact.

Just like when we decide for ourselves what God would approve or disapprove of, we also seek out solutions in our work and personal lives based on what we think the problem is.

In “5 Attributes of a Church In Decline“, Morgan talks about meeting with a church leader who has worked with over 60 churches that are in decline. He lists some of the main reasons for their decline, such as poor leadership and a lack of vision.

One thing that really stood out to me was when Morgan wrote, “I’ve found that churches can become convinced that they know why their church isn’t growing.” He says that some churches become frustrated with him when he doesn’t agree to looking into the areas where they think the problems lie. When a church is too focused on working on one certain issue, they might be missing the bigger picture, and ultimately forced to shut their doors for good.

This is a problem that often goes unnoticed. Whether it be personally or professionally, we tend to ignore some of our real problems, or think that we have it all figured out, so we aren’t willing to explore other options.

Do you know a church like this? What do you think are some problems that churches ignore?