How can your church appeal to everyone? Unfortunately, that answer is quite simply, “It can’t”.

Are you part of a large church or a small church? Maybe a medium or mega-sized church? There are many reasons why all sizes exist.

It’s a new church. It’s an old church.

It’s formal and traditional. It’s fun and contemporary.

The music is loud and catchy. The music is slow and hymnal.

Just like with Goldilocks and the three bears, Goldilocks had to find the bed that was most comfortable and the porridge with the perfect temperature before she was satisfied. The three bears all had different preferences for what they liked, and Goldilocks was no different. People are just like that with churches.

I’m sure most people consider the larger churches of the world to be “more successful” in terms of what people like, but that all depends on how you define “success”.

I went to a church from the time I was eight until I was about 21, and the reason I left was not because it went from a medium-sized church to one of the largest churches in the country, but because it no longer felt as personal or relevant to me. It is a popular church for a reason though, and because of that reason, it has fulfilled a great number of people.

When I switched to the church that I currently attend, I was dating my husband who had grown up going there. I found that as I visited more and more, it became obvious that the smaller, more traditional way of things were what I wanted.

It doesn’t matter how your church does it and it doesn’t make it any more or any less holy the bigger or smaller that it is.

My point? Every Christian needs a church that will fulfill them. The small one down the street or the large one around the corner might not work for Goldilocks, but yours might. Just keep God as the main focus and you will find “success” in your church.