Tourist on holiday using mobile cell phone

Ever wish you had a stronger phone signal? It is frustrating when you try to send texts and for some reason they are not able to be delivered. So, you try to send the text again, to no avail. There is an new product that has been designed to improve your wireless network. It is actually a “do-it-yourself” wireless network.  Bloomberg reports that this hand held antenna, known as a GoTenna allows phones to communicate when networks are down “via public, unlicensed airwaves.”


The GoTenna allows communication by way of text message and GPS location. In an emergency, these two tools are of great importance. It was actually an emergency that inspired GoTenna’s creation. Creator Daniela Perdomo came up with the idea for this product after the damage of super storm Sandy made communication impossible. This product does not support phone calls at this time but who knows what the next model will include.

Photo Credit: Moomettes via Compfight cc