The 4th Commandment states, “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

In one of my recent Bible studies, we discussed our personal rules for the Sabbath and the traditions that our families grew up with. I’ll start by saying that I grew up in a Christian household, I am pretty involved in my church, and the importance of the Sabbath has never been stressed to me. Or maybe I never paid enough attention.

That can’t be it.

But it probably is.

Anyway, one of the group members said that his mother never allowed laundry to be done on Sundays, so when he waited 2 weeks to do it and Sunday rolled around, they would get into arguments because he didn’t have any clean clothes. “We could do anything else and we didn’t do anything for the sake of praising God any time after we left church, but touching the laundry was a big deal to my mom,” he said.

A few laughs came from that one.

Another member said that she won’t allow her family to do any chores, whether it be vacuuming or mowing the yard.

My husband and I sat in silence, because quite frankly, we leave church and (besides the monthly Bible studies on Sunday nights) just go about our day like it’s any other.

Being a Christian isn’t hard work, but it does take consideration and a conscious effort.

What do you do on the Sabbath?

Do you ever find it hard to honor it?