There has been so much communication around Covid-19 and the pandemic. Now, we are ready to look ahead to a bright future. Let’s embrace a new normal and ultimately, press the reset button. While vaccinations are ramping up, churches from all over are figuring out the best ways to re-engage with their members. Churches across the land are figuring out how to operationalize while serving as a valuable resource for their staff and members.

Churches are taking note of new trends emerging as we embrace a new normal. According to a 2021 survey, there are 12 trends in 2021 as it relates to how churches are re-opening. Those trends include:

  1. Massive growth of co-vocational ministry.
  2. Baby boomers will be greater in number than children in the majority of churches.
  3. The micro-church movement begins in about 5,000 North American churches.
  4. Digital church strategies will complement in-person strategies.
  5. The number of adopted churches will begin to catch the number of closed ones.
  6. Church fostering will move into the early adoption stage.
  7. Once the pandemic stabilizes and the number of cases decline, the average worship attendance will be down 20% to 30% from pre-pandemic levels.
  8. The new definition of a large church will be 250 and more in average worship attendance.
  9. Denominations will begin their steepest decline in 2021.
  10. Giving will decline 20 percent to 30 percent from pre-pandemic levels.
  11. Overall conversion growth in local churches will improve.
  12. Nearly nine out of ten North American congregations will self-define as needing revitalization.

Does any of these trends surprise you? Are you noticing different trends in your community?

While Shelby Systems tools aren’t equipped to address all of the aforementioned trends, it is perfectly positioned to help with the bolded trend #s 4, 7, and 10. While Shelby allows churches to manage their entire ministry using a single system, our online giving tool alone, can help compensate for any decline in attendance by turning one-time givers into recurring givers.

Shelby Systems prides itself in evolving with changing times. We leverage technology that allows churches to remain nimble and proactive so they can thrive in trying times. Contact us to schedule a free evaluation of your church tools and systems to determine which of Shelby Systems products is right for you.