Bryan Miles’ about leveraging hotels for your church. Now let me tell you… I have seen churches set up shop in a lot of random places. Old grocery store buildings, at the YMCA and even a bar (to name a few). It’s becoming more common to hear about church services in theaters, too. It’s not about where the services are held, though, but about the messages that are conveyed there. By utilizing a place like a hotel, you can manage the way things are run and portrayed during your events… much like in your very own church. These large, people-filled venues are great for handling conventions, conferences, banquets and meetings.

We just wrapped up our International Shelby Conference (ISC) a few weeks ago that was held at the Hyatt Regency River Walk hotel in San Antonio, TX. The Hyatt was perfect for the event because there was plenty of room for the vendors in the Exhibit Hall, the hotel staff was quick to help us with anything that we needed and all of the attendees and Shelby staff received a discount for staying there. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to host our conference this year.

As far as holding Sunday morning or Wednesday night worship services, hotels can be great venues for those as well. There is so much empty space in so many hotels that you would be surprised with the benefits and cost-saving opportunities that are available.

So… if you are looking for the next location for a service, banquet, or conference… be sure to check out one of your local hotels!