Millennial Giving

In this year’s Giving USA Special Report on Giving to Religion, you can find some interesting bits of information on the current state of religious giving.

Once again, we find that “religiously affiliated people more likely to donate, whether to place of worship or other charitable organizations…” So while church attendance is decreasing, the rate of giving for those who attend church has not wavered.

Millennial Giving: Looking at the Giving:
Barna conducted a study on Millennials and faith. They found four ways they integrate technology with their faith.

Millennials are online. They prefer online. And making donations to an organization they care about is no different.

If your church isn’t offering online giving, mobile giving, text giving, or even just one of these options, you need to start now.

Shelby Systems is committed to helping churches large and small streamline their giving process. We provide the software and the plan that can help your church make the leap to digital giving. To find out how, contact one of our Ministry Consultants today.