In a recent survey on ministry communication (via email through the church’s website), Steven Kryger found that:

  1. 4% of the emails bounced – probably an invalid email on the church’s website.
  2. 57% received responses – a little over half.
  3. 39% failed to respond to email.
  4. 31% failed twice – they failed to display the basic information on their website and to send a reply email.

Societal technological changes have demanded more than just an organizational website. It requires having a dedicated team to communicate with visitor’s questions via email. Today, people are more than likely going to visit a website and make contact before coming to a church service. In one survey, 76% of the responses said the church’s website was how they found the church, which was 3 times more likely than the second highest response – ‘personally invited’ (multiple options were allowed in the survey). In other words about 3X the potential visitors found church via their website than word of mouth from friends or family.

The last thought on this is that many churches pray to have more visitors come to their church. But, given the above results, a better question might be, ‘are you presently handling the inquiries that arrive in your inbox?’

Source: Ministry Tech


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