There’s a lot that goes into growing a church and finding the right niche to appeal to people. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea for today’s post to spotlight a few helpful Christian tools (most are online) that can give your ministry a little boost.

1. can help you find registered non-profit organizations in your area. This is awesome for new missions work.

2. YouVersion Bible App has been mentioned before in one of my posts. Get it for your phone to easily read Bible verses on the go and sign up for a Bible study plan for yourself. You can complete the whole Bible in one year on one of these plans!

3. comics are great for a daily laugh! In one of the Sunday School classes at my church, funny pictures are often displayed before class starts to entertain the people waiting for it to begin.

3. provides popular Bible verses, Bible notes from other people, translations, a daily devotional, etc. This could be a great tool for your small groups!

4. has a wide variety of church products. A few minutes browsing their site can help you find much needed items for your ministry.

5. has ideas, groups, products, and a fund raising thermometer for your website to keep your members up to date on your progress. The site has a good number of tools to help in managing your church events and fund raising efforts.

Have a great day!