Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, digital ads, emails, text messages, podcasts, Skype, YouTube… wow, that was exhausting… and I could go on. As most of us already know, technology has taken over and everything is required to be instant and accessible. A huge issue in the church world is finding a way to keep up with it all.

In some ways, it is easy for a church to stay relevant, and in others, you can feel like you are drowning in a sea of technological obstacles. Today’s Christian church has to make sure it is constantly evolving, all while keeping God at the center. On an online video called “Churches: Using the Internet to be on Mission, Disciple, and Create Community” by Drew Goodmanson, I learned that in 1992, there were only 26 web servers on the World Wide Web. Only eight years later, in 2000, there were over seven million websites, and by 2009, there were over 230 million.

When polled in 2009, 64% of Americans said that they have used the internet for spiritual or religious purposes. A church in Los Angeles advertised on Facebook and saw a 50% increase in their attendance on Easter Sunday. I think it is safe to say that the internet is a very valuable tool if it is used correctly.

Each ministry is different, and each comes with its own unique vision. It is not about the size of your church or non-profit, or even how well known you are, but what you are preaching and how you are reaching people. The ways to connect with people are ever-changing, and as the statistics show, it is very beneficial to stay in the online loop.

Well, there is my two cents on that. Have a good day, everyone!