Are you planning on joining us in San Antonio next year for ISC 2015? We sure hope you will!! As you know, we get pretty excited about ISC here at Shelby Systems. Some folks around here have already been doing research about our upcoming ISC location. Don Alsup, from our Media Production Department, has had his eye out for interesting media and he has stumbled upon a book that will have the average to extreme history buff packing their boots and planning on meeting us in Texas.


When you think tourist attractions in San Antonio your mind probably ventures to The Alamo. The story of The Battle of The Alamo didn’t take place strictly at the Alamo itself but at multiple sites all over downtown San Antonio area. Author, Dean Kirkpatrick, searched for a book that would not only educate on these battle sites but also identify each site as well. He never found such book, so he created one himself called “The Alamo Story and Battleground Tour”. Here is an interview with the author from Texas Country Reporter. This will give you a glimpse of a few of the amenities that San Antonio has to offer when you meet us there next June.

Does anyone have any other San Antonio hot spots they would recommend? Please leave a comment below.