For any of you wondering how to stay connected with us in more ways, we wanted to take a minute to tell you about our social media sites and how they are beneficial to you.

Facebook: Our Facebook page keeps you connected with instant updates of what’s going on at Shelby and offers plenty of chances to win in some of our great giveaways.

Twitter: If you’re new to Twitter, fear not. It’s easy to get signed up and follow the people that you are interested in. Once you’ve found us (@shelbysystems , @OurArena, and @ShelbyISC), you will be able to see all of our updates and current happenings as they are… well… happening.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great way to connect with various professionals and people in your line of work. By connecting with us, you’ll be able to see our most recent tweets, updates and blog posts.

YouTube: We all know and love YouTube, but what is so cool about us having this site is that you can find all of the podcasts and videos that we’ve done, including one-on-one interviews and funny “Sales Guys” skits. Recently we spoke with Dan Busby, who is the President of the ECFA and who will be speaking at ISC this year. We also sat down a couple of months ago with the Producer/Director of the movie “The Grace Card”.  We’ve got to admit, we can be pretty entertaining, so be sure to check it out!