ballooons largeWhen I think of balloon animals my mind accompanies the thought with scary childhood clowns or people at restaurants that make balloon animals while wearing a big button that says “I Work for Tips”. I have always respected and stood in amazement of a person who can transform a balloon into a colorful creature. If you have the ability to make balloon animals and tell jokes at the same time, then you have won a new fan. Post your YouTube link below.

I have a new, deeper appreciation for balloon art after running across Mashable’s article on graphic designer Megan Coleman. Coleman has assigned herself the challenge of creating some type of balloon art, every day, for one year. That is a lot of balloon people!! She is on day 115. These balloon creations range from simple to eccentric. This lady does excellent work and I have no doubt that you will agree. Check out her tumblr album. Let me know balloon combination is your favorite!!!! I love the Christmas Tree (Day 92) and the Lobster (Day 8).

Photo Credit: Accretion Disc via Compfight cc