When you think of something that has been around a while, you can’t help but consider words like dependable, effective, and time-tested. On the flip side, newness brings innovation, advancement, and progress.

Most often the new and the old don’t intersect, but when they do, tremendous things can happen.

Consider reading A Tale of Two Cities in color on an iPad. You might say this combination of the old and new is too amazing to be true, and you would be right. But we think we can offer something just as good.

SoChurch and Arena ChMS are partnering to bring together a time-tested and market-proven ChMS technology with a cutting edge communication tool for a combined solution that is sure to meet the needs of many churches

SoChurch and Arena ChMS are working towards product integrations that will allow users to sync important member data, event information, and group affiliations between these two applications, providing greater value, simplicity, and clarity for church leaders and members alike.

With our first integration point coming out in the first part of 2011, we will allow our customers to share member and event information between our two systems, greatly simplifying member, group, and event management.

So, if you are currently an Arena ChMS customer in need of more forward-facing communication tools, signup for SoChurch today. If you are a SoChurch customer that needs more comprehensive church management software, check out Arena ChMS to see how it can meet your needs.

And remember, we will be working hard to find more and more seamless integrations that provide value to the Church at large as we go.