This news is brought to you by Shelby/Arena Product Owner: Alex Nicoletti.

Currently in Arena, Automation Agents run as a Windows Service on the Web Server. Configuration for these agents are managed outside of the web application via a standard Desktop Application. In the upcoming release, 2300.1.100, we will be making major changes to these Automation Agents.

We will be moving this process into the Arena Web Application. This will not only allow Administrators to manage the agents from a web portal, but also allow us additional flexibility in the future to provide feature enhancements and fixes via the existing Hub Update Process. Administrators will also have the ability to run an agent immediately without having to cycle the Agent Service or create fake frequencies. We even allow you to have an agent setup without a frequency for processes that happen once a year (Email Contribution Statements for example).

A preview of these changes is available on the ExperienceDev site under Administration \ Agent Management.

We will be posting additional information in the near future, but we wanted to give everyone a quick preview of what the Development Team has been working on.

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