You have probably heard the recent hype of Amazon delivery moving towards a drone service. If you haven’t, Amazon has invented flying drones to deliver packages to replace our current means of shipping that requires human beings. This is definitely the next step in technology.  I have a feeling this is going to rub many people the wrong way. I can also foresee the parting of the shipping sea; one side will be those so excited they will sign up right away while the other side will boycott it until it is the only shipping option available. Not to mention we all we have read enough books and seen too many movies where machines outsmart their manufacturer and wreak havoc (usually on New York City). Drone delivery service brings this possibility too close to home. Since all we have are fictional experiences to play off of it makes sense we are a bit skeptical. If drones come into existence it will be as if the barrier between reality and fiction is broken. So it might take us a while to establish a less paranoid point of view.


All this playful talk to say we are not quite there yet. Drones are not in use but it will not be much longer. I ran across this video on Mashable that is a playful parody from Netflix. I was reading too quickly when I stumbled upon this video and for the first few moments I thought it was serious. However you can’t get very far into it before you realize it is a joke. This video is a playful expression of the fears and possibilities that well up inside each of us as we move toward the reality of a drone delivery service. Take a look.


What do you think about drone delivery? Do you get excited thinking about the modern invention or dread the impersonal service?