3 critical

Church websites should help the church leadership while delivering the right content to your audience!

Here are 3 critical errors most Churches are not considering and therefore not benefiting from:

  1. Don’t think of your website as a brochure – It’s a conversation. A printed brochure simply offers information for someone’s understanding. A website can do so much more. It wants interactivity and engagement. A website needs to listen, take information, process requests, and deliver information on demand. A good communicator listens more than they speak.
  2. Don’t answer the “now what?” question on every page – You should know why you have your content on your website. You anticipate a desired response from it (or should). Like an understanding salesperson, you need to direct people to what is next (what you want them to look at or make input). It’s like hearing a good story and asking “why are you telling me this”; you can guess, but who better to guide you than the person telling the story! A good communicator leads people with content. Keep them engaged!
  3. You’re not watching the metrics – Your website wants to tell you about your audience and your content. Websites are collecting a ton of information, and Google Analytics are collecting that information for free (if you set it up properly). Once you log in, you’ll discover who’s reading your content, how long they spend, what page they go to, what search engine and keywords they used to find you, and lots more. A good communicator uses this data to shape their content.

Websites offer so much more for effective church communications than print materials. It’s the real reason we all have websites. Harness the power now!

Source: “Be Known for Something” by Mark MacDonald