puzzleheart2I usually prefer stories that come with a happy ending. However, after reading a story in Tampa Bay Times I realized the stories with happy endings are good, but there are other stories that are debatably more important to tell like this one. This is the story of fifteen year old Davion Navar Henry Only. It is a tale of hope and bravery and it is still being told. Davion’s story is in process now so there is no way of knowing how it will end. I am inspired by his story. This story is worth telling. This story matters.


Davion Navar Henry Only lives in Florida and is one of many children in the state foster care program. He was born in jail and never met his parents. He recently got up the nerve to find his mother but what he found was an obituary. She had passed away only weeks prior to his search. Instead of losing hope he made positive changes. With the help and encouragement of his caseworker he made a bold request before a St. Petersburg, FL church congregation of around 300 people. I hope his request reaches many more through this post.

Davion Navar Henry Only asked for someone to love him. He asked that someone accept him exactly as he is, heavy and burdened from life. He asked that someone make him a part of their family. Davion asked to be adopted. His criteria for a family is simply anyone.


he world has told Davion in many ways that he is not wanted. However, as believers, we know that is far from the truth. Davion has been made in the image of a holy God and has infinite worth and value far beyond understanding. The truth is with three years left before he is out on his own the ending could go either way. I pray that the Lord would graciously show Davion that he is accepted and completely loved through Christ’s sacrifice no matter what status the adoption papers show.  And I pray that the Lord would provide a family for Davion. Please join me in these requests.