I always love hearing about a church that is thinking of new ways to reach out to their members and their community. The NACBA Multibrief “Weekly Update” highlighted a story from the LA Times last week about Parkcrest Christian Church in Long Beach, CA. Parkcrest held wedding ceremonies and reception for couples who were living together, but not married.

Pastor Mike Goldsworthy announced one Sunday that he and two other ministers would perform the ceremonies for couples living together who were waiting to get married, but hadn’t yet, due to financial or timing issues. The church’s members came together to provide the funds and to make it possible for these weddings to happen. Each ceremony was held individually, but all took place on the same day.

The weddings gave these couples the chance to join together by law and in front of God. After the ceremonies took place, at least one more couple showed interest in having the church marry them in a free ceremony.

What do you think of churches offering these free weddings? Is this something that your church could provide to its members?