With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to explore central father figures throughout the Bible who inspire us with timeless lessons about how to behave and not behave.

Adam: The First Man
Adam and Eve were barred from the paradise that was the Garden of Eden. In the end, Adam’s story shows not only that there are consequences to our actions, but that fathers must also sometimes discipline their children to teach important lessons.

Noah: The Builder of the Ark
Noah is a model of obedience, as he followed God’s commands in an effort to save his family and humanity. He’s an example to fathers, in particular, as he models how to unabashedly serve God, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable tasks.

Joseph: The Father of Jesus
Joseph didn’t argue or ignore God’s commands; he took Mary home to be his wife and became Jesus’ earthly father. Like Noah, Joseph’s acceptance of God’s will (in this case the virgin birth) and his decision to protect and raise Jesus shows devotion and a model of the importance of relying on God’s will.

Moses: Father of the Hebrew People
While Moses wasn’t perfect, let’s not forget his refusal to abide by God’s command when it came to the water and the rock and his subsequent inability to enter the Promised Land, he clearly cared for his people as any good “father” would.

God the Father
God the Father offers up the most powerful example of what it means to be a parent. God’s love for humanity is shown throughout the Bible, but is perhaps most evident in His decision to send Jesus Christ to die for the sins of mankind. God’s undying and selfless love for His creation, and his willingness to do anything to save, help and sustain that creation, provides an example to fathers on how to love and care for their families. He truly is a good, good father.


We at Shelby Systems encourage you to spend time with your family this weekend, and make sure you remind your father just how important he is in your life.