Today’s post is written by Valerie Russell, Content Specialist for Ministry Brands.

Multiple factors impact the health of your church such as online giving tools, your church management software, leadership, staff, budget, and the community. The key to success is that all these elements work together. Of course, this doesn’t happen on its own. It takes thoughtful planning and tools built for ministry to really get the job done.

A church success plan has been used by countless churches to grow and further their vision within the community. Studies show organizations are 2X more likely to succeed with a plan in place. Beyond that, people are 10X more likely to reach goals when they’ve been written down.

Whether you’re creating your first church success plan, or updating your current one, here are four undeniable benefits to keep you motivated.  

#1: Heighten productivity, and in turn—your church’s mission

Church success plans involve setting goals with actionable steps to reach your mission. When action steps in place, productivity naturally increases, and the church is simply more effective in outreach efforts. 

When your purpose is clear and you’re organized, you save time and energy daily. As you heighten productivity, you’ll see it reflected in your church’s success as well because you’ll have more time to devote to your mission.  

#2: Create a culture of generosity with the help of digital tools

The digital tools used to cultivate generosity must be thoughtfully chosen. When it’s easy to give, register for events and classes, watch sermons, check kids in at Sunday School, and connect with your church outside the walls—more people in the community will. It’s that simple.

While planning for church success, identify gaps in your current solutions that may hinder people in the community getting involved. Note digital tools that need to be invested in or updated. Maybe it’s time to invest in a church app, or your website needs attention.

For church admin, gain a better understanding of how integrations work to further your mission and reach out to digital partners for help. Church apps, ChMS, digital giving tools, bookkeeping software, and more are designed to work together, so you save steps and reduce burden.

With Shelby Systems, you not only get the technology necessary to create a culture of generosity and stay organized—you get the personalized support you need to succeed with it!

#3: Communicate on the next level

A church success plan promotes fluidity between people that manage the church and those that attend. When leaders and staff aren’t communicating clearly with each other, it can cause a disconnect between the church and churchgoers.

Planning elevates your communication level, so people aren’t left second-guessing about upcoming events, how to give, small groups, and other events that intertwine the church and attendees. When everyone is communicating effectively, participation increases, leading to steady growth.

#4: Gain clarity on your overall goals and mission

Efforts can get muddled when random tasks pop up on the calendar and distract from the bigger picture. With a church success plan, you can regroup and regain clarity if you get a little off track.

Every now and then, look back at your success plan and pivot areas that are unclear. Write down the results for better forecasting in the future when you update your plan. Speak with partners like Shelby about the best ways to use church management software, launch online giving, and other needs.

By taking a few hours to plan for church success, you’ll encourage growth and see the needle move in the right direction. Just remember to set goals with actionable steps and enhance your plan by reaching out to those that partner with your church.

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