Big Game Party

“Back in the day” it seemed to me that churches would compete against the Super Bowl©. However, in the past several years churches have come to see the Super Bowl not as an event competing for the attention of their members but rather as a great opportunity for fellowship and outreach.

Staying Legal

The last thing you want is for your church to break the rules and get called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Here are the THREE things you need to know to stay legal as you throw your party for the Big Game.

1. You cannot rent any new equipment. It must be equipment you use for your ministry services.

2. You can’t charge admission. But you can collect an offering to cover expenses.

3. Don’t refer to it as a “Super Bowl Party”. Instead call it a “Big Game Party” in your advertisements. The term “Super Bowl” is copyrighted.

So, if your church is planning on hosting a “Big Game Party” this year, be safe, have fun and keep it legal by following the 3 rules above.