Why 13? Because that’s how many I could think of. We would love for you to add to the list in the comments section if you have any embarrassing church moments!

1. Throwing away your church bulletin as you walk out. People might be staring, or it might be in your head. Who really knows?

2. Introducing yourself to the person sitting closest to you and having them tell you that you’ve met a few times before.

3. Bringing in your own cup of coffee to realize that the church frowns upon food and drinks in the sanctuary.

4. Realizing that you are way overdressed.

5. Realizing that you are way underdressed.

6. Realizing that you came on the one day a year when the topic is “Church Financials”.

7. Realizing that all of the members have a permanent name tag (usually only applicable to smaller churches)… so you stick out as the “new person”.

8. Being asked if you are a visitor and you’ve attended the church for 7 years.

9. Dropping the offering plate (I’ve done this).

10. Having your child decide that he is going to have a meltdown in the middle of the service.

11. Having your phone go off during a prayer.

12. Sitting down next to a random Bible or jacket and having someone tell you that you are sitting in a reserved seat.

13. Not realizing when to pray/when a prayer is over and keeping your eyes open/closed.

Most churches try to avoid letting these awkward moments happen, but they aren’t always preventable. It’s unfortunate to have members or visitors leave because they feel uncomfortable.

What embarrassing moments have you experienced at church?

Does your church do anything to try and prevent embarrassing/awkward situations?