From the Church Mag blog, I found a post on The Minister’s Tree House… a house built into a large tree in Crossville, TN (about 5 hours from our office)!

What’s so interesting about this is that the builder, Horace Burgess, started out as a landscaper who wanted to create the world’s largest tree house. After years of working on the project (and his lumber quickly dwindling), he turned to God. Burgess said God told him that if he dedicated the house to Him, He would help him finish his dream. Burgess said after that, he also decided to become an ordained minister.

Eleven years (and much more lumber) later, Burgess has successfully built the world’s largest tree house, which now stretches across 7 trees and is 100 feet tall.

Although the house doesn’t serve as a church, Burgess did put a chapel in and wants people to know that it was inspired by God. He has trimmed his garden into the shape of a cross and formed the name ‘Jesus’ in it, for all to see.

People climb all over his house, technically trespassing… and most parts of it have been vandalized by graffiti. Burgess has never pressed charges, however.

Check out the full story here.