Arena Training provides a variety of training for all levels of users, roles and schedules. Arena’s implementation plan ensures you launch well and our training programs support you as you grow. You have a dependable team dedicated to listening to your needs and helping you achieve your goals.

Implementation and Launch
The implementation team conferences with you to draft an implementation plan. This plan aligns Arena with your church’s ministries and goals, as well as documents the steps and key stakeholders of the launch. You’ll receive an invitation to our project site, where milestones, training schedules, and other details are documented and managed.

Ongoing Training
Arena Training is available for every feature of Arena and customized to your team’s experience level and ministry needs. Specialized training is also available for complementary applications, such as Microsoft® Reporting Services. Training sessions may be scheduled onsite at your location, at our World Headquarters training center, or at regional host churches.

Ongoing Training
Arena regional training is open to all local churches and includes free training for the host church.

Please contact Training if you are interested in hosting a regional event.