Arena Remote Check-In


Offline randolph_c 11 days ago


In light of the COVID-19 situation, our church is looking to see if there’s any way for parents to check their children in without needing to use a central kiosk. We were theorizing parents could perhaps use their smart device once on campus to check their children in, and then pick up the label at a central location. This would hopefully reduce the amount of people making physical contact with kiosks.

Has anybody tried to make something like this work in Arena, or maybe implemented a completely different system to accomplish the same goal?


Kind Regards,

Cameron Randolph
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

  • srhutson Offline srhutson 11 days ago Cameron,      We had a similar situation.  We just wanted mobile checkin.   We commissioned Kingdom First Solutions to buiild a Mobile checkin.   You may want to see how much they charge with their new pricing plans.    Many of their modules are available on the Arena Hub now as well.    The nice thing about it, is that it’s a web page, so no separate app is required, just an URL.   It also has geo-fencing, so you can set how far away they can check in.     We have found the KFS guys to be super helpful.