Thank you for referring us potential software products needs. This referral form is to be used for submitting software products that Shelby currently sells. Once submitted, you will be notified by email of the approval status. A referral is considered approved (“qualified”) if there is no active quote currently being worked by a sales representative at Shelby in the past 6 months for the same software product being referred.

Referral fee(s) are paid when Shelby has a fully executed contract which includes the referred product. Referring individuals will be notified once Shelby closes the referred sale to confirm delivery information of the referral fee. As of July 1, 2020, a referral fee of $100 will be paid for a referral of a Closed Won software sale (an executed contract). Some restrictions apply.*

Thank you for your referral!

Shelby Sales

*Hardware equipment including, but not limited to, scanners, printers and/or Kiosks are not approved referral products for this referral compensation program. However, referred equipment referrals are always appreciated and can be submitted to Shelby through this form as well. Total Ministry Packages (bundle package) are included in the “software products” definition listed above and counts as one referral. Software sales require a minimum of at least $200 annual dollar value. Giving product referrals require the account be approved and “integrated” (Live) and a minimum of $1000 processing volume before providing the referral fee payment.