Attend a live workshop right from your desktop!

These workshops are offered online as live events through a Zoom connection with participants interaction with the presenter via questions and discussion, using online quizzes, and following along in detailed workbooks. The intent is for these workshops to feel very much like a live event with a greatly reduced cost and providing a tighter time frame for participants to learn (working in two- or three-hour blocks rather than a full day at a distant location).

We are offering two very different levels of workshop; both will be offering content for Financials users and for Non-Financials users.

101 Virtual Training Workshops

101 Virtual Training Workshops are for users who will need the basics. These are for new hires, customers who are new to the software, or for those who are looking to solidify the basics for a variety of reasons. These workshops are offered in three-hour blocks over four days typically during the early weeks of each month. (Beginning with the 101 Non-Financials workshop, then followed by 101 Financials workshop the next week.)

  • Are you new on the job?
  • Are you struggling to use the software?
  • Have you recently swapped positions?

Click here to find out more or to register for 101 Virtual Training Workshops (Financials or Non-Financials)

201 Virtual Training Workshops

201 Virtual Training Workshops are for those users who have a bit of experience, but really want to dig a bit deeper and find a few new tips, tricks, or best practices to increase their efficiency and effectiveness as they use this software. These workshops are offered as separate sessions on Tuesday (Financials) and Thursday (Non-Financials) mornings from 10 – noon Central Time, so users can attend the topics that most fit their needs or interests.

  • Looking to be more effective in the software after mastering the basics?
  • Need some more information on best practices so you can work smarter not harder?
  • Ready to move to the “next level” in your use of the software?

Click here to find out more or to register for 201 Virtual Training Workshops (Financials or Non-Financials)

Quotes from Attendees:

“I love how we were able to actually meet with one another and ask questions and not just like a video to only listen. We were able to interact with one another and it helped me learn intently. Also hearing the others with their questions help to think more on what I may have missed.”


“I think having multiple users in these helps because it allows for us to share information with each other and find more common solutions.”


“The workshop was great and gave me enough training to navigate through and figure things out on my own.”