Learn at Your Own Pace

MPowerU is home to a series of online course that you can go through at your own pace. These are courses to introduce a new user to the programs and expose existing users to new concepts. Each course is broken up into small chapters to facilitate easier learning and allow you to take your time. Go through one chapter multiple times in a sitting or roll through several chapters or the whole course It’s your choice!

Each of the major courses include:

  • A guided video walk-through of the material
  • A detailed handout covering the same content in a slightly different form
  • A quiz for each chapter
  • A final exam for each course
  • A certificate to show that you have successfully completed the course and passed the examinations
  • 365 days to complete the course for credit

Purchase Options:

  • Purchase courses individually ($50 per course)
  • Purchase one of the bundles of courses (Geared to the needs to different types of users)
  • A staff member can purchase a group of tokens (each worth one class) to assign to different staff members based on their needs

Courses Currently Available (more to come)

We are just getting started and our current courses are all beginner level, and we will add courses covering additional applications and additional levels going forward.

  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – General Ledger
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Accounts Payable
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Bank Account Management
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Payroll
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Security
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Portal (this is a FREE course)
  • ChMS 101 – People and Groups (new)
  • ChMS 101 – Attendance and Check-in (new)
  • ChMS 101 – Giving (new)
  • ChMS 101 – Online Giving (new)
  • ChMS 101 – Forms (new)
  • ChMS 101 – Settings and Permissions (new)
  • ChMS 101 – Additional Topics (new)

Purchase right now online with a credit card and begin your training right away. Questions?? Contact Training at 800-654-1605 or training@shelbyinc.com

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