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Meet Donors and Gifts

The Streamlined Application for Donor Management

Whether you're a denominational headquarters , a parish, or a niche non-profit seeking a way to manage your donors and giving, we've got the solution for you.

The Donors and Gifts Application is straight-forward, easy-to-implement software that will help you:

  • Accept tithes and gifts online
  • Manage gifts and pledges
  • Track sub-donor accounts for dioceses, district offices, and para-church organizations
  • Sponsor missionaries with full reporting
  • And much, much more

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You can integrate it into your full Shelby Financials suite giving you a complete solution to help you accomplish all God has called you to do.And did we mention it's customizable?

What Customers Love About the Donors and Gifts Application

It's Amazingly Robust

Ready to go out of the box, the Donors and Gifts Application is a complete solution for managing and tracking your donors and their giving. While it can become a part of your larger accounting process, many of our satisfied users enjoy using it as a stand-alone, because it gives them everything they need to be successful.

It's a Breeze to Use

Gone are the days of spending hours learning and working in your accounting software. With the Donors and Gifts application, data entry is completely intuitive and takes place in seconds—so you can move on to working on what matters most.

It Integrates

It works directly with your General Ledger so you’ll have a complete subledger detailing out everything you need to know about the donors and the gifts given to your organization every single day.

It's Customizable

The Gift entry screen can be customized to record just the data you need for your operation. It can be as simple as recording a gift, or as robust as associating the gift with motivations, projects, campaigns, and other helpful fundraising information.

“Amazing! Everything an organization needs—ready to use out of the box.”
10 Unbeatable Features
Subdonor Management graphic
Subdonor Management

Designed for organizations and their offices, such as dioceses and parishes, the Donors and Gifts Application gives you everything you need to:

  • Set goals
  • Solicit funds
  • Allow donors to give to multiple offices/parishes
  • Track giving by individual and by parish
Missionary Sending graphic
Missionary Sending

Make missionary work feel like clockwork. With the Donors and Gifts Application can:

  • Sponsor missionaries
  • Designate percentages for missionaries to raise themselves
  • Track each mission's income
  • Track each mission's expenses
General Fundraising Management graphic
General Fundraising

Your general fundraising needs are always at the forefront. Whenever you need to set a fundraising goal, the Donors and Gifts Application makes it easy.

  • Set goals
  • Generate pledges
  • Track your goals instantly
Collect Pledges and Receive Payments graphic
Collect Pledges and Receive Payments

The Donors and Gifts Application allows end users to interact with their accounts, saving you time and money.

  • Receive pledges
  • Follow-up with pledges
  • Receive payments via an easy-to-use interface
Commemorative Gifts Included graphic
Commemorative Gifts Included

Anytime someone wants to give in honor of someone else, the Donors and Gifts Application can make it happen.

  • Ability for someone to send a gift in honor of another
  • Send thank you notes to donors
  • Notices can be sent to family members
  • Generate a list of honorees
Gifts and Pledges View graphic
Gifts and Pledges View

Never be left in the dark. View what people have given, and what's still pledged to arrive directly on the Donors and Gifts home page

  • Show all gifts and pledges
  • Pick date ranges
  • Filter by pledges
  • See totals and percentages received toward goals
Customize Input Screens graphic
Customize Input Screens

Because everyone’s fundraising efforts are unique, the Donors and Gifts Application was created from the ground up to allow customization.

  • Create unlimited purpose codes
  • Employ with machine-learning for easy data entry
  • Segment donations by motivations; see specific projects, annual giving, and more
  • Detail what compelled giving—events, phone calls, personal contact, or something else
Generate Multiple Views graphic
Generate Multiple Views

Tracking software is only as good as the insights it generates. With the Donors and Gifts module, generate views for what’s most important to you and your leaders.

  • View specific individuals and their giving habits
  • See pledge summaries, gift summaries, detailed views, time-based summaries, statistics and more
Export Reports graphic
Export Reports

With the Donors and Gifts Application you can turn any view into a report for internal use, external use and even for end users.

  • Export and print reports based on robust filters
  • Run profit/loss statements based on individual campaigns
  • Customize giving statements
  • Customize extensive reports for your organization
Connect with Hardware and Software graphic
Connect with Hardware and Software

The Donors and Gifts Application connects with the hardware and software you already use—or plan to use—to make your workflow simpler.

  • Connects to check scanners to instantly bring up associated donor profiles
  • Attach scanned check images
  • Shelby Teller integration
  • ShelbyNext Giving integration
  • Creates files to upload and deposit
Do I need Shelby Financials to run the Donors and Gifts Module?

Yes! The full power of the Donors and Gifts Application is unlocked when paired with Shelby Financials. Shelby Financials is an advanced accounting system explicitly designed for churches, denominational headquarter offices, and dioceses, and para-church organizations. On top of standard accounting features like Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank Account Management, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Purchasing Management, and Payroll—you access robust applications tailored to govern your finances.